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Raw vs. Store Bought Dog Food : The Big Debate

Is raw dog food really that much better than conventional store bought kibble? Sure it looks healthier, but are the benefits worth the cost? Here's what we think...

There is a lot of back and forth over the kind of food your dog needs to get the best nutrition possible these days.

On one hand a raw dog food diet specially prepared from fresh meats and vegetables can provide a huge boost in overall quality of ingredients that you can’t attain with store bought kibbles and canned foods.

On the other hand is it realistic to try to maintain a raw dog food diet with all of the time and energy it takes to deliver a balanced meal day in and day out?

We take a look at the overall benefits of both below, but ultimately you’ll need to decide for yourself what is most important to you when it comes to your dogs health.

With thousands of hours of experience analyzing and reviewing pet food under her belt, Carlotta knows what's good. She actively and expertly writes about dog food and advocates for their right to healthy ingredients and standardized testing.

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