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Dog Food Reviews

Dog food reviews are tough. Obviously without verbal communication it's hard for a human to tell based on taste whether a specific food is agreeable to the palate of their canine. What's more important though are the nutritional elements your pooch is ingesting.

The only real criteria to base food judgements on then is their nutritional information, price, and overall effectiveness at catering to your pooch’s age or breed as the bag suggests.

Not All Dog Food Is Created Equal

Though our rating system is designed to rank all dog foods against each other evenly it’s clear that there are two schools when it comes to canine cuisine.

Conventional Store Bought Dog Food

Average pet owners are likely to shop for their dog’s food at the local supermarket or big box store. The offerings at these establishments, though meeting all requirements, are subpar compared to other options on the market. Many wet and dry dog foods found on the shelves of your grocer contain non-essential additives and ingredients that have controversial pasts.

Raw Dog Food

On the other hand, raw dog foods are organically prepared and contain real meats and vegetables essential to a healthy life. The downside to this higher quality dog food is that you have to pay a premium for it. Over time this can amount to a big expense.

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