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Taste of The Wild High Prairie Dry Dog Food Review

Taste of The Wild High Prairie Dry Dog Food is popular with dog lovers looking for a good grain free food at an affordable price. It's a maintenance dog food so it's suitable for adult dogs. Dogs of most breeds should be able to eat it without any problem.

Taste of The Wild High Prairie Dry Dog Food Review

The Scoop

Grain free foods are popular now and Taste of the Wild is an affordable option for many owners. Their Taste of The Wild High Prairie Dry Dog Food features bison, lamb meal, and chicken meal as the first three ingredients. Carbs come primarily from sweet potatoes and potatoes. Canola oil appears to be the primary source of fat in the food.

The food has crude protein of 32 percent and crude fat of 18 percent with dry matter basis at an estimated 35.6 percent protein and 20 percent fat, and roughly 32 percent carbs. This makes the food relatively high in protein and fat and moderate in carbs compared to most other premium dog foods on the shelf.

Taste of The Wild High Prairie Dry Dog Food is AAFCO-approved for maintenance so it should be fed to adult dogs. It has 370 kcal/cup. Dogs of most breeds and mixes should be able to eat this food without any problems as long as they don’t have an allergy or intolerance to a particular ingredient in the food. Kibble from Taste of the Wild is formed in very small round pieces that should be easy for all breeds to eat.

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The Dish

Taste of the Wild dry foods are made by Diamond Pet Foods, headquartered in Meta, Missouri. Diamond makes pet foods for lots of well-known pet food brands. In the past Diamond has had a number of large pet food recalls, including some that have affected Taste of the Wild products. This has made some pet owners wary of buying their foods. However, Diamond has not had a recall since 2012.

Taste of the Wild does not use organic, free-range, or grass-fed ingredients. You can find dog foods that have these ingredients but you will pay a lot more for them. Taste of the Wild kibbles, like Taste of The Wild High Prairie Dry Dog Food, are good quality dog foods that are suitable for most dogs.

Causes For Concern

Ingredients in the food that might cause concern include peas as the fifth ingredient. Peas are often used by pet food manufacturers as a plant source of protein today, in place of corn and wheat. But they can be hard for some dogs to digest and they are a phytoestrogen, which means they mimic the hormone estrogen. This can interfere with the hormones in some dogs. The food also has “natural flavor” which is often a code term for a form of MSG or monosodium glutamate used as a flavor enhancer. And the food includes salt. Some pet foods do and some don’t add salt but it’s not especially good for your dog.

These three ingredients are frequently found in pet foods today, even in some of the most expensive, highly-praised foods but there are concerns about them.

Expert Recommendation

Overall, this is still a food that would be good for most dogs if you are looking for a nice grain free food.

With thousands of hours of experience analyzing and reviewing pet food under her belt, Carlotta knows what's good. She actively and expertly writes about dog food and advocates for their right to healthy ingredients and standardized testing.

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