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Top 5 Yorkshire Terrier Websites & Blogs

Owning a Yorkie doesn't just mean you've got a furry companion to accompany you through life. Turns out there's an entire community of Yorkie fanatics who love to share tips, photos and stories about their own Yorkshire Terrier.

Whether you’re new to Yorkie ownership or you’re looking for pertinent information related to the breed we’ve collected the top blogs and websites dedicated Yorkshire terriers. Share your unique knowledge of Yorkshire Terriers on any of these sites or find new and exciting content specific to your best buddy.

Learn about Yorkies

Over 35,000 members posting on an unending array of topics in this forum.

Lots of useful tips about Yorkies from a passionate pet owner.

A tad bit outdated in terms of design, but still lots of useful information about the breed here.

Like the name states, find out loads of information about Yorkshire Terriers at this must-see resource.

Not just a site selling product. Find great content about Yorkies in their blog section.

Is that it?

We hope not! If you know of other great Yorkie websites submit them in the comments below and we’ll consider adding them to the list.

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